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Greetings, laser enthusiasts and creators!
Welcome to Laser Focused –
Your premier destination for all things laser innovation.

Our pages are brimming with insights from laser aficionados spanning the spectrum.

Dive into the world of laser-driven creation as we unravel the nuances of working with various materials, from wood to acrylic, metal to glass, and more.

Explore articles that redefine what's possible and tap into your artistic brilliance.

If you're eager to translate your creative spark into a thriving venture, our Business 101 and Marketing columns provide invaluable guidance.

For those intrigued by the fiber laser, our Metals column will deliver helpful guidance on using these materials.

Take advantage of our step-by-step projects, expert advice, and the opportunity to connect with fellow laser devotees.


We're genuinely thrilled to have you join us. At Laser Focused, we're dedicated to transforming your artistic dreams into reality using the power of lasers. Whether your interests lean towards crafting distinctive decor, curating heartfelt gifts, shaping elegant jewelry, or engraving intricate signs or ornaments, you're in for a treat.

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Welcome to Laser Focused – your hub for all things laser crafting and making. 

Started in August 2022, Laser Focused is more than just a magazine – it's a community of passionate laser crafters, makers, and creators like you.

Our goal? To bring together laser enthusiasts from all walks of life and provide a one-stop destination for all things laser-related, minus the jargon overload.

Why did I dive into this laser-filled adventure? Simple.

I wanted to create a digital haven where fellow entrepreneurs, just like you, can access a treasure trove of laser wisdom.

We're all about that creative and entrepreneurial spirit.